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Tutoring Resources, Study Session and Supplemental Workshops

Tutoring Resources

  • Writing and Learning Centeroffers free individual and small-group tutoring sessions in all subjects in all colleges and has assumed tutoring programs from the Math Department, Statistics Department, and the College of Engineering. Students are welcome to connect with a Writing and Learning Center tutor for any activity, assignment, writing project, or exam for courses across the curriculum. 
  • In addition to the Writing and Learning Center, click on one of the following links for specialized tutoring information:
  • Physics
  • World Languages Lab

Study Session

Study Session forms study groups for students who submit a request to study with a group focused on challenging, selected courses in the Colleges of Science and Math and the College of Engineering. Each group is led by an upper-division student and meets twice weekly throughout the quarter. Not for academic credit.

Supplemental Workshops

Supplemental Workshops in Science and Math courses help students master math concepts and promote collaborative learning, including concept enhancement, problem-solving and mock exams. Workshops are held twice a week and earn one unit of academic credit. Because the workshops are interactive, the more students are involved, the more they learn. The workshops are guided by trained facilitators who are upper-division students.

Study Skills Library

Academic Skills Center provides study skills library which has many study skills topics of interest available for either viewing or printing.

Research 101

Research 101 is your starter-kit for college-level research. Improve your research skills with the self-guided tutorials and videos below.


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