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1Stop is Cal Poly’s advising notes software used by primary-role academic advisors to document academic advising-related interactions with students.1Stop notes can be viewed two ways, View-only or Full access.

View-only access to 1Stop is available to faculty advisors, department chairs/heads, and Change of Major coordinators. To request view-only access, please read the information that follows, then submit the form below

1Stop View-Only Access

Read carefully before requesting access to 1Stop:

1Stop notes provide a brief description, not an entire representation of the advising interaction that took place with the student.

  • Personal concerns of the student, information about health/disability/personal identity, and referrals of a sensitive nature are not documented in 1Stop.
  • Do not make assumptions about the notes. If you have questions about the advising interaction, contact the person who wrote the notes to discuss it further.

1Stop notes are part of the student’s official academic record, and are therefore protected by FERPA.

Notes for any student should be accessed only within legitimate, educational “need-to-know” parameters, which include:

  • To assist the student in recalling information covered in previous advising interactions
  • To assist the student with additional advising-related information
  • To refer the student to appropriate resources

In order to maintain access to 1Stop, users must comply with FERPA recertification every two years.

The online training course “Data Security and FERPA” can be accessed through the Cal Poly Learning Hub on the Portal.


Full access to 1Stop is available to primary-role advisors and faculty advisors.

1Stop Full Access

  • Primary-role advisors participate in extensive advisor training that includes the 1Stop notes training.
  • Faculty interested in full access to 1Stop need to submit the 1Stop Notes Access Request Form, complete at least the first two sessions of the Faculty Advisor Training Series (FA 101 and FA 102), and complete an additional 1Stop training course.



Once submitted, you will be contacted within in 2-3 days to complete next steps.


Submit PDF document of FERPA Training Certificate with the document name formatted as follows: CalPolyUsername_College_DocName.pdf (example cpmusty1_CLA_ FERPACertification.pdf)
Files must be less than 2 MB.
Allowed file types: pdf.
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