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Minors at Cal Poly

At Cal Poly, you can find all current minors and their course requirements listed on or in the “Minor Course Requirements” column listed below.

Each minor is housed in a department; therefore, the process to declare a minor is customized and can vary depending on the minor. This additional information, such as contact person, paperwork needing to be filed, and or other criteria is listed on the department page. These links are listed under “Minor Declaration Information” column below.

Please don’t hesitate to contact an Academic Advisor if you have further questions about minors and how they fit into your academic plans at Cal Poly.

If you no longer plan to complete your minor, please email from your Cal Poly email address to remove the minor from your degree progress report.

Minor course requirements Minor Declaration Information
Minors at Cal Poly
Accounting requirements Accounting
Actuarial Preparation requirements Actuarial Preparation
Agribusiness requirements Agribusiness
Agricultural Communication requirements Agricultural Communication
Agricultural Education requirements Agricultural Education
Agricultural Leadership Agricultural Leadership
Anthropology and Geography requirements Anthropology and Geography
Architectural Engineering requirements Architectural Engineering
Art History requirements Art History
Asian Studies requirements Asian Studies
Astronomy requirements Astronomy
Biology requirements Biology
Biotechnology requirements Biotechnology
Child Development requirements Child Development
City and Regional Planning requirements City and Regional Planning
Communication Studies requirements Communication Studies
Computer Science requirements Computer Science
Computing for Interactive Arts requirements Computing for Interactive Arts
Construction Management requirements Construction Management
Crop Science requirements Crop Science
Dairy Industries requirements forms can be found in the Animal Science Office located in building 10, room 141
Dance requirements Dance
Data Science, Cross Disciplinary Studies requirements Cross Disciplinary Studies in Data Science
Economics requirements Economics
English requirements English
Entrepreneurship requirements Entrepreneurship
Environmental Soil Science requirements Environmental Soil Science
Environmental Studies requirements Environmental Studies
Equine Science requirements forms can be found in the Animal Science Office located in building 10, room 141
Ethnic Studies requirements Ethnic Studies
Ethics, Public Policy, Science and Technology requirements Ethics, Public Policy, Science and Technology
Event Planning and Experience Management requirements Event Planning and Experience Mangagement
Food Science requirements Food Science
French requirements French
Fruit Science requirements Fruit Science
Gender, Race, Culture, Science and Technology requirements
Gender, Race, Culture, Science and Technology
Geographic Information Systems (GIS) requirements Geographic Information Systems
Geology requirements Geology
German requirements German
Gerontology requirements Gerontology
Global Politics requirements Global Politics
Graphic Communication requirements Graphic Communication

History requirements

Indigenous Studies in Natural Resources and the Environment requirements Indigenous Studies in Natural Resources and the Environment
Industrial Technology requirements Industrial Technology
Integrated Marketing Communications requirements Integrated Marketing Communications
Italian Studies requirements Italian Studies
Land Rehabilitation and Restoration Ecology requirements  
Landscape Architecture requirements Landscape Architecture
Landscape Horticulture requirements Landscape Horticulture
Latin American Studies requirements Latin American Studies
Law and Society requirements Law and Society
Linguistics requirements Linguistics
Mathematics requirements Mathematics
Meat Science and Processing requirements forms can be found in the Animal Science Office located in building 10, room 141
Media Arts, Society and Technology requirements Media Arts, Society and Technology
Microbiology requirements Microbiology
Military Science requirements  
Multidisciplinary Design requirements Multidisciplinary Design
Music requirements Music
Nutrition requirements Nutrition
Packaging requirements Packaging
Philosophy requirements Philosophy
Photography requirements Photography
Physics requirements Physics
Plant Protection requirements Plant Protection
Political Science requirements Political Science
Poultry Management requirements forms can be found in the Animal Science Office located in building 10, room 141
Psychology requirements Psychology
Queer Studies requirements Queer Studies
Rangeland Resources requirements forms can be found in the Animal Science Office located in building 10, room 141
Real Property Development requirements Real Property Development
Religious Studies requirements Religious Studies
Science and Risk Communication requirements Science and Risk Communication
Sociology requirements Sociology
Spanish requirements Spanish
Statistics requirements Statistics
Studio Art requirements Studio Art
Sustainable Agriculture requirements Sustainable Agriculture
Sustainable Environments requirements Sustainable Environments
Theatre requirements Theatre
Water Science requirements Water Science
Western Intellectual Tradition requirements Western Intellectual Tradition
Women's and Gender Studies requirements Women's and Gender Studies

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