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Change of Major

Changing your major is a multi-step process and specialized to each major. This website is to be used as a guideline. Students must have conversations with appropriate offices and departments to see if changing their major is possible.

General guidelines

  • You are not allowed to change your major before you enroll at Cal Poly.
  • You must complete 1 quarter at Cal Poly before you can enter into an individualized change of major agreement (ICMA).
  • Before you change your major, we want to make sure you have done your research and found the major that is the best fit for you. We do this through workshops and conversations with advisors and departments.
  • Change of major is not guaranteed; but it is possible through the policies we have set up for each major.  Criteria changes as demand changes for each major.
  • Read the complete change of major policy

Cal Poly terms used on this website

  • COM- Change of major
  • ICMA- Individualized change of major agreement
  • Intended Major- major you plan on changing into

Steps to take to change your major:

  1. Attend a university workshop to learn about the Change of Major process. This workshop will review resources to help find the best major, for you. It will also identify and prepare you for the next steps of meeting with the intended major advisor and/or department head. Follow the directions below to sign up for a workshop. View Workshop Dates
  2. Review guidelines and procedures for your intended major:
  3. Continue to research your intended major:
  4. Make an appointment with your intended major to discuss entering into an ICMA
  5. If you do not know where to go or where to start, please contact the Mustang Success Center.

Directions to Sign Up for a University Change of Major Workshop

1. Log in to your Cal Poly portal, click on “Academics” or “Advising”. Scroll down and you’ll find the “change of major” link that you can see here:

advising screen

2. Click on Change of Major. You can click the boxes that apply to you and select the major you are interested in.

change of major

3. Once you select the boxes that are applicable to you, you will see this final screen. Here you will find resources, flowcharts and curriculum sheets, Mustang Success Center contact information, as well as the opportunity to sign up for a workshop

Exploring Resources screen

If you try to sign up for the workshop and it says it is full, we suggest that you still show up. We will try our best to accommodate all students that show up for a workshop.

If there are not any more workshops available for this term or you have any follow up questions about change of major, please contact the Mustang Success Center in building 52 or call at 805-756-6211.

Additionally, further details on changing your major to a specific major can be found on the advising website within that respective college. We encourage students to look at these requirements and bring their questions to the workshop. The workshop will provide a path for next steps.

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