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Information For Transfer Students

Fall 2017 Transfer Students!​

We are here to create a network of useful information and links to connect you to the university system, the transfer community, and supportive tools to help you achieve your goals.

Use this site to connect with other transfers, get answers to frequently asked questions, learn how to adjust to the quarter system, find out about transfer specific events, get access to the plethora of resources Cal Poly has to offer, and discover ways in which you can be involved academically, professionally, and socially as a transfer student.

Winter 2018 Planning Calendar

Check your Cal Poly email regularly for communications from Cal Poly.

Cal Poly Academic Policies

A new academic setting brings new policies you need to be aware of throughout your time at Cal Poly. The catalog provides all policies and degree requirements. It is important to know that academic policies you were familiar with at your previous campus will likely be different at Cal Poly. Review some of the following policies that you will be expected to be aware of:


students in front of Spanos TheatreRegistration

Registration for your first fall quarter is a different process than the rest of the quarters. We have developed and a guide to help you familiarize yourself with Cal Poly tools. Much of this information will be covered at Orientation (SLO Days).

For future quarters,registration will occur in two rounds and students will have two registration appointments. Both appointments will be based on your actual academic progress level. The first registration appointment will restrict students to 16 units and the second appointment will allow students to register for up to 22 units.

Transfer Timelines

Who is my Advisor?

At Cal Poly, there are different types of advisors that you will get to know throughout your time at Cal Poly. To learn about different advising offices and how to access them, please click on "who is my advisor" for your respective college or department.

If you don't know where to start, feel free to reach out to the Mustang Success Center.

New Student and Transition Programs (Orientation)

Orientation at Cal Poly is a two-part series before the beginning of classes that includes Student Life Orientation Days (August) and the Week of Welcome (September). All new and transfer students are required to complete both parts of orientation to successfully enroll in classes and transition to Cal Poly.

Advice from Other Transfer Students

"Stay focused and enjoy being at Cal Poly, take in all they have to offer. Go to all of your classes."

"WOW is an amazing experience, it opens up networking opportunities and builds lasting friendships, with people you might not meet otherwise. It's also an excellent introduction to activities in San Luis Obispo."

"Join and attend. Invest yourself into at least one club."

students in front of Spanos TheatreHousing and Transportation

Jobs, Internships and Career Information

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