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Registration Process

Navigating the quarter system and managing your time

Understanding the quarter system takes time and can be a challenge to adjust to the fast pace. We strongly encourage that you go into each quarter with a plan and stick to it to stay ahead.

Fall 2019 registration for NEW transfer students

The first fall quarter registration is a different process than the rest of the quarters because transfer students register later in the summer. More information on how to register will be covered at Student Life Orientation Days (SLO Days) in August.

Learn more about how to register for your first fall quarter.

How registration works at Cal Poly

Here is an overview of the registration tools for our registration systems.

For future quarters, registration will occur in two rounds of enrollment appointments. Both appointments are based on your academic progress gauge.

  • Round 1: students can enroll in 0-16 units
  • Round 2: students can choose to enroll in more than 16 units.

Change of Major Information

If you find yourself unhappy in your major or want to discuss options, we encourage you to have conversations with appropriate offices and departments to see if changing major is possible as soon as possible. Changing your major is a multi-step process and specialized to each major. Some departments have certain restrictions regarding change of major criteria specific to transfer students. There are change of major workshops throughout the school year to learn more about this process. We encourage you to review the change of major procedure and reach out to advising if you have questions.

Academic Support

Academic Advisors

Academic Advisors can assist you in identifying resources on campus suited to your personal needs, schedule planning, and study skills development. Academic Advisors can help you navigate and understand your degree requirements, curriculum, and Cal Poly policies.

There are different types of advisors that you will get to know throughout your time at Cal Poly. To learn about different advising offices and how to access them, please click on "who is my advisor" for your respective college or department.

Mustang Success Center is a general advising office that is here to assist you with any question you might have. If you don't know where to start, start with the Mustang Success Center.

Office Hours

Faculty keep regular office hours each week for students. You are encouraged to meet with your professors early and often. If you cannot meet with your professor during office hours, you can reach out via email or phone to inquire about other options. Office hours can be a great place to ask for clarification on lectures and course materials, review exams, discuss mentoring opportunities, and more.

Writing and Rhetoric Center

The University Writing and Rhetoric Center offers free consultations on any writing project for any discipline. All students are welcome. Get support for the following:

  • Generating and organizing your ideas
  • Focus your thoughts and clarifying your purpose
  • Developing support for your topic
  • Preparing for the Writing Proficiency Exam (WPE)
  • Reviewing grammar and punctuation

Enhancing Your Study Skills

Learning how to study is an on-going process. Different strategies may be required for different types of exams or assignments, and everyone has a unique learning style. During office hours, ask your professors how you might focus your efforts to study most effectively for their classes. Cal Poly also offers a Study Strategies Library that you can use to explore various aspects of studying.

Tutoring, Study Sessions, and Supplemental Workshops

Many offices and departments offer free tutoring on campus. Students are encouraged to build these options into their weekly schedule and access throughout the term.

Study Sessions are bi-weekly, hour long sessions comprised of 8-15 students. Students must submit a request through their Cal Poly Portal to join a group.

Supplemental Workshops are additional math and science study sessions that meet twice a week throughout the quarter. Students earn 1 unit for this class and must register for the workshop.

College Librarians and Specialists

Kennedy Library has an expert team of College Librarians and Specialists who provide meaningful, tailored support to students. Contact your College Librarian or Specialist if you are seeking research help or want to learn more about library resources.

Academic Policies

A new academic setting brings new policies you need to be aware of throughout your time at Cal Poly. The catalog provides all policies and degree requirements. It is important to know that academic policies you were familiar with at your previous campus will likely be different at Cal Poly. Review some of the following policies that you will be expected to be aware of:

Campus Resources

Campus Health and Wellbeing

Campus Health and Wellbeing, located next to the Rec Center, provides care year round by appointment and on a walk-in basis to students. Ambulatory care, lab testing, x-rays, prescription medication, counseling services, and holistic wellbeing services are all services provided to current students. Learn more about these services at Campus Health and Wellbeing.

Disability Resource Center (DRC)

The Disability Resource Center facilitates student learning and access through partnerships with students, faculty, and staff to provide support services to Cal Poly students with permanent and temporary disabilities.

Educational Opportunity Program (EOP)

The EOP program is designed to provide assistance, support, and encouragement for eligible low-income and/or first generation college students. Other campuses may refer to EOP offices as EOPS. Learn more about EOP eligibility, resources and programming.

Career Services

Career Services helps students find career success by engaging with Cal Poly's network of Alumni and Employers. The College Specialist Team of Career Career Counselors are available to guide and support you. Cal Poly has a career fair every quarter to bring job and internship opportunities to our students. Usually this occurs in week 3. Resources Career Services provides:

Graduate School Preparation

  • Career Services assists students individually with graduate/professional school planning preparations. Reach out to your Career Counselor to begin the first steps to preparing for graduate school.
  • Cal Poly offers a number of Master's Degree and Certificate programs through our Graduate Education Office.
  • Students interested in Law school should refer to Cal Poly's Political Science Department webpage about Law School. This resource helps students find out more about researching law schools, the application process, and completing law school.
  • Pre-health Career Advising is for all students wanting to pursue a health professional programs such as medicine, dentistry, nursing, physicial assistant, physical therapy, optometry, pharmacy, occupational therapy, chiropractic, podiatry, clinical lab science, and public health. All majors are welcome to utilize pre-heath career advising.

Involvement, Jobs, and Clubs

Cal Poly provides many opportunities to get involved throughout your time here. Additionally, there are many resources if you are looking for an on-campus job, local part-time job, or internship opportunities.

Campus Involvement

There will be an abundant amount of opportunities to get involved throughout your time here. For your first year, we encourage you to get involved in different areas but keep a realistic balance with your academics.

Check out other clubs affiliated with your major!

Campus Jobs

Portal App for Mustang JobsMustang JOBS is a great resource that lists over 25,000 positions that are made available annually. You can access this resource on your Cal Poly Portal under the "My Apps" column. To find out more information please visit Career Services website



What can I do with my major?

Get a Research Job

Our students have amazing opportunities to collaborate with faculty for undergraduate research.

You can Google Cal Poly Research Opportunities for more information about undergraduate research at Cal Poly

Departments, if you have on going research job opportunities, please email Advising to put your link here.


Prospective Student Information

Admissions To Cal Poly

Cal Poly Admissions Office provides all the information needed to apply to Cal Poly. Helpful sites to check out are:

Open House and Orientation

Learn more about campus life, your desired major/department, the San Luis Obispo community, campus resources, and much more through the Open House weekend. This even is held typically in April and more details can be found on the Open House website.

Orientation at Cal Poly is a two-part series prior to classes starting. All new transfer students are required to complete both parts of orientation, Student Life Orientation Days (SLO Days) (August) and Week of Welcome (September).

Housing and Transportation

Each student has different plans when it comes to living and transportation options. Below are links to different opportunities for students:


Advice from Other Transfer Students

"Stay focused and enjoy being at Cal Poly, take in all they have to offer. Go to all of your classes."

"WOW is an amazing experience, it opens up networking opportunities and builds lasting friendships, with people you might not meet otherwise. It's also an excellent introduction to activities in San Luis Obispo."

"Join and attend. Invest yourself into at least one club."

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