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Transfer Academic Advising

The advising community is here to support transfers academic success. Current transfers - we hope you will not hesitate to reach out to use if we can support you in any way.

Transfer students are advised by their college advising centers.

All prospective and conditionally admitted transfer students (those who are admitted but have not received their transfer credit evaluations) should direct questions to


Incoming Transfer Students

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Orientation at Cal Poly is a required two-part series, Student Life Orientation Days (SLO Days) (August) and Week of Welcome (September), hosted by New Student & Transition Programs.

Registering for Classes

Timeline and Overview for Registration - Comprehensive timeline of when/how transfers register for classes before their first term at Cal Poly. Each college has a list of suggested courses transfers that should take during their time at Cal Poly in order to meet their graduation requirements.


Read more about the incoming transfer registration process >>

Academic Advising for Current Transfer Students

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Your college academic advisors and faculty can support your academic journey at Cal Poly.

Talk with your college advisor about any academic questions you may have including but not limited to: what classes to register for, taking classes credit no credit, course substitution forms, suggested flowcharts, college specific transfer resources, taking time off, and many more!

Connect with your college advising center:

Review the steps for how to register for classes  >>

Transfer Academic Supports

Transfer Center

The Transfer Center can help you connect to various resources across campus including, but not limited to, financial aid, housing, transportation, social and engagement opportunities, and so much more! The Transfer Center does not offer academic advising, but can help you prepare academically by providing support on connecting with faculty, time management skills, and study tips!

"I am a massive supporter of the Transfer Center! It gives you the chance to connect with other transfer students and provides resources to help make things a little less difficult. Follow them on Instagram, stop by their space, or send them an email. You will not regret it." - Sabrina Canady - CLA Advisor and Cal Poly Transfer graduate

Transfer Academic Coaching, Tutoring, Writing Support and More

Academic Coaching - peer academic support offered through the Office of Writing & Learning. 

  • Tips on:
    • Connecting with faculty
    • Time management
    • Navigating the quarter system
    • Study habits
    • And more!

Writing and Learning Center - offers peer-to-peer learning opportunities.

  • Writing Consults
    • Support on all writing projects from ANY class
    • Preparing for the Writing Proficiency Exam (WPE)
  • Tutoring
    • Specific subject tutoring with trained peer tutors
    • 1-on-1 and small group options

Academic Skills Center - offers programs to enrich academic development and reinforce the learn by doing emphasis at Cal Poly. The most popular are:

  • Study Sessions: Study groups for many different STEM classes
  • Supplemental Workshops: 1 unit courses that meet 2x/week to add to the teaching and understanding of some science and math classes.

College Librarians - Kennedy Library has an expert team of College Librarians and Specialists who provide meaningful, tailored support to students. Contact your College Librarian or Specialist if you are seeking research help or want to learn more about library resources.

Transfer Academic Success Program (Academic Probation Support)

The Transfer Academic Success Program (TASP) is designed to support transfer students who are placed on Academic Probation (AP) during their first year at Cal Poly. TASP assists transfer students on academic probation by providing dedicated support, enhancing self-efficacy, and facilitating the utilization of academic resources.

TASP is coordinated by the Transfer Center in partnership with the Office of Writing & Learning and the college academic advising centers. Students will be placed in a Canvas shell for TASP.

We understand that there are many factors that may lead to academic difficulty during your first or second quarter at Cal Poly. Our goal with this program is to provide you with the skills, resources, and support that you need to move toward success in future quarters.

Students in the Transfer Academic Success Program, will complete the following pieces:

  • Watch the Transfer Academic Success Program and Academic Probation introduction video.
  • Complete the Resource Self-assessment and Academic Success Plan.
  • Schedule 1:1 with Transfer Academic Coach to review success plan, form resource connections, and ask questions.
  • Meet with their college advisor. College dependent - may also meet with their faculty advisor.
  • Complete end of quarter reflection.

Transfers in their 2nd or beyond at Cal Poly who are on Academic Probation will work with their college to complete any necessary advising requirements (this depends on the college).

Graduation Writing Requirement and United States Cultural Pluralism Requirements

There are two requirements that are important for transfers to know about. Since you may be transferring in a majority of your General Education (GE) courses, you will want to review both requirements below so you are not adding extra work while completing your degree.

Graduation Writing Requirement (GWR)

First, you will want to review your Degree Progress Report (DPR) to see if you have already completed this requirement. It will be located near the top of the report. If it is not complete, indicated by a red box, please read more details below about completing this requirement at Cal Poly. 

The Graduation Writing Requirement (GWR) is a CSU-mandated program designed to ensure that student can write proficiently before they enter the professional workforce. All Cal Poly students who are seeking a degree must fulfill the GWR before a diploma can be awarded.

  • Undergraduate students with 90 or more completed units should attempt to fulfill the GWR before their senior year.

There are two ways to fulfill the GWR:

  1. Pass a GWR-certified upper-division course with a C or better on a major writing assignment and a final course grade of C or better with at least 35% of the final grade based on the cumulative grade of all writing projects; OR,
  2. Earn a passing score on a GWR Portfolio (*Note: the GWR Portfolio has replaced the Writing Proficiency Exam in response to the March 2020 CSU suspension of in-person GWR testing).

GWR Information for Transfer Students


You will need to fulfill the GWR (Links to an external site). at Cal Poly even if you were GE-certified at your community college because the GWR is an upper-division University degree requirement and students must complete the requirement at the CSU campus at which they are matriculated.


You may receive GWR credit if you fulfilled the requirement while enrolled at another CSU campus. Ask a representative from the GWR office at your former CSU campus to send to the Writing and Learning Initiatives office ( an official letter verifying GWR completion.


You will need to fulfill the GWR (Links to an external site).at Cal Poly because students must earn GWR credit from the CSU campus at which they matriculate.

For more More information about the GWR - Links to an external site.


United States Cultural Pluralism (USCP) Requirement

Students are required tocomplete one USCP course. This course also fulfills a requirement for Major, Support, General Education, or Free Elective category.

What are USCP courses?

USCP courses must fulfill all of the criteria according to AS-836-17 and they must also address the Diversity Learning Objectives (DLOs).

Please refer to your major curriculum sheet or speak with academic advisor to learn more about course options that may exist within your major to satisfy the USCP requirement.

Explore what courses count for the USCP requirement Links to an external site.


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