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A Transfer Students Guide To Register For Your First Quarter At Cal Poly

Important Dates and Deadlines for Fall 2019 registration:

  • July-August 12: Check TO-DO List and take care of any registration holds within Student Center. You will receive an email from when your Degree Progress Report (DPR) is available. This will show you how your classes transferred to Cal Poly.
  • August 1: PASS (Plan a Student Schedule) becomes available to you in your My Cal Poly Portal. You can see what classes and times are available and create tentative schedules for Fall 2019.
  • August 8 or 9: Attend SLO Days
  • August 12: REGISTER FOR CLASSES. Please refer to Step 3 below to understand our waitlist/enrollment process.
    • 9:55 am: Access your saved schedules in PASS and push ideal schedule to student center(or this can be done prior). You will want to keep page active so the system does not log you out.
    • 10 am (promptly): Enroll in classes.
    • 12 pm: Wailtist process enrollment process begins.
    • 1 pm: If you were waitlisted for courses at 10 am, check class schedule in Student Center to confirm if you were enrolled in classes by the waitlist process. After the waitlist process has occurred, if you have questions, please contact your college advising center. 
  • August 13-15: Transfer students can still make changes to their schedule
  • August 16-18: Cal Poly registration system is closed these three dates. No students will be able to make any changes to their schedules.
  • August 19: Second round of registration (option to enroll in more than 16 units). Please see Student Center for your specific registration appointment.
  • August 24-September 18: Open Enrollment (registration opens to make any adjustments to your schedule. 
  • September 19: First day of classes (Thursday)
  • September 30: Add/drop deadline (learn what this entails here)

after going through this site, you should:

STEP 1: Understand how your units transferred to Cal Poly

  • Academics Tab on portal
  1. Go to the academics tab of your portal to access the following resources
  2. Print your major curriculum sheet and flowchart.
    • Most students will be on the 2019-20 catalog. You can verify this in your degree progress report. If you are on a previous year catalog, please see the Office of the Registrar site.
    • Use the Degree Progress Report (DPR) to check off the courses you have completed (green check mark) on both your curriculum sheet and your flowchart. Directions on the degree progress report (DPR) can be found here.
    • NOTE: You may see transfer work in your DPR. However, you should use caution with this information until you receive an email to your Cal Poly email address from notifying you that your transfer evaluation has been finalized.
    • If you do not have direct articulations (automatic transfer credit for a course(s)), you may need to submit course substitution petitions. Please contact your advising center as soon as possible.
    • Students who submit their transcripts by the July 15 deadline, will have their DPR ready by the August registration date.
  3. PolyProfile-This is your unofficial transcript and you can also view your transfer work under the 'higher ed credits details' link on the right. This is completed when you receive email from

NOTE: The "Academic Progress Gauge" in PolyProfile shows the percentage of your degree that you've completed and determines future registration dates/times. Transfer students will not see a gauge at this point. Your gauge will appear for the first time in week 4 of fall quarter, when winter quarter registration dates are posted.


STEP 2: Know What Your Major Wants You To Take

Review your Major’s Fall Course Recommendations for 2019

Your major has provided a list of courses they recommend for your fall registration. Some classes have even been saved have been saved for transfer students.

First, find your college:

Once you have your major’s list of course recommendations, go to PASS (video below) and get familiar with how to search for classes and build possible schedules. Don’t forget to check for prerequisites within the course descriptions

NOTE: Students can view class options for fall in PASS starting on August 1, 2019.

STEP 3: Understand the Registration Process

The registration process is different your first fall quarter than the rest of your future registration terms. The reason for this is that continuing students registered back in May and departments saved spots for transfer students.

    On August 12 at 10 am, there are 3 scenarios you could encounter for registration:

    Options 1 & 2: Open Seats Available or Reserved Seats Available- Student should be able to enroll in courses immediately if section notes and requisites are met. To maximize changes of getting enrolled, select the waitlist ok box, when adding any class. If given a waitlist number, check your schedule after 1:00 pm to see if you were enrolled by the waitlist process

    Option 3: Not able to enroll in course- students cannot get into a course due to not having open seats or reserved seats available, not meeting section notes or requisites and/or are beyond 16 unit limit. Students may  choose to waitlist, but will not be enrolled through the waitlist process on August 13.

    Note: The process of students being enrolled from waitlists is estimated to start at 12 pm and conclude at 1 pm. Check your schedule at 1 pm to confirm your class schedule.

    Registration appointments:

    • 1st Round: allows students to enroll up to 16 units (August 13 starting at 10 am-August 15 at 11:59 pm)
    • 2nd Round: allow students to register above 16 units and up to 22 units (if they desire), August 29-September 24 (without permission numbers)
    • Open Enrollment occurs after the 2nd round concludes. All specific dates for each respective quarter can be found at the Registrar's website.

    Overview of registration tools

    View registration demonstration videos

    For all future registration terms, (starting Winter 2020) you will be given a date/time for registration, which is listed on the right side of the Student Center. This date and time is based on your actual academic progress level (how many degree applicable units you have completed), which is found on your academic progress gauge in PolyProfile during week 4 of first fall quarter.

    STEP 4: Start To Make A Schedule

    Plan A Student Schedule (PASS) is the online scheduling tool that allows students to plan their schedules for the upcoming quarter. PASS displays all courses available for the upcoming term, course descriptions, and prerequisites. It allows you to input your availability, and create and save potential schedules.

    Students can view class options for fall in PASS starting on August 1, 2019

    When searching for available courses in PASS (next step), all students need to pay attention to PREREQUISITES and SECTION NOTES. Here are scenarios to be aware of:

    1. Open Seats Available- number of seats available to a student who meets the prerequisites for the course

     If a course has open seats available and you meet the prerequisite(s), you should be able to enroll. To maximize chances of getting enrolled, select the waitlist ok box, when adding any class. After your enrollment request has been submitted you will either be successfully enrolled or will be given a waitlist position number. If given a waitlist number, check your schedule after 1:00 pm to see if you were enrolled by the waitlist process.

    2. Reserved Seats Available- number of seats available to a student who meets the prerequisite(s) for the course AND the criteria for reserved seats as outlined in the section notes above each section of a course.

    Example: If you are a Agbusiness student and transfer student (section notes mention this is needed) and you meet the prerequisite(s), you should be able to enroll. To maximize chances of getting enrolled, select the "waitlist ok" box when adding any class. After your enrollment request has been submitted, you will either be successfully enrolled or will be given a waitlist position number. If given a waitlist number, check your schedule after 1:00 pm to see if you were enrolled by the waitlist process.

    3. Not able to enroll in class

    If there are no open or reserved seats and you meet the prerequisites and section notes, you will not able to enroll at this time. You may still choose to put yourself on the waitlist in hopes of seats becoming available before classes begin. More details on waitlist can be found on office of the registrar website. This means that after 1:00 pm, you are still on a waitlist and did not get enrolled in the course through the waitlist process referred to above. If this happens, find a back up class. Please contact college advisors if you need help.

    STEP 5: Student Center

    The Student Center will:

    • Access your Degree Progress Report (DPR)
    • View registration holds
    • View financial aid information
    • View dates for registration

    Access Student Center by logging into your portal and clicking on it under "my apps".

    If you have a hold on your account, you will not be able to register until it is taken care of. Holds are listed on the right hand side of the Student Center.

    View Registration Demos

    STEP 6: PolyPlanner

    PolyPlanner is a course planning tool that allows students to map out courses they need to graduate. It provides the University with course demand information for future terms and allows for Cal Poly to be in close alignment with what students plan to take.

    From the portal, click on PolyPlanner on the left. Use your curriculum sheet and flowchart as a guide. Don’t forget to check prerequisites.

    More information on how to use PolyPlanner can be found here

    Before the add/drop deadline in Fall quarter (during week two—specific date can be verified in Student Planning Calendar you must have planned the following for PolyPlanner:

    • Your Fall 2019 class schedule
    • Winter 2020 and Spring 2020 class schedule
    • It is encouraged to plan as many quarters in advance as you can to help plan for graduation. Feel free to make an appointment with your advisor to review your Poly Planner

    NOTE: Poly Planner needs to be updated every quarter before the add/drop deadline. If you make changes to your schedule, please make sure to update your PolyPlanner

    Registration Video

    Special Notes

    Educational Opportunity Program (EOP)

    Newly admitted EOP transfer students must attend EOP’s Transfer Bridge session taking place August 10-12, 2019. You will have the opportunity to meet other EOP transfer students, interact with key campus resources, and register for your classes. If you would like to meet with an EOP Counselor or schedule an appointment, email, phone 805-756-2301, or drop the office located in bldg. 52, rm. E-7.

    Students cannot apply for the program after being admitted to Cal Poly. EOP only accepts applications for the fall quarter. Please consider applying to TRIO Achievers, a program which provides academic advising, tutoring, career information, and more.

    Cal Poly Academic Policies

    It is important to know that academic policies you were familiar with at your previous campus will likely be different at Cal Poly. Review some of the following policies that you will be expected to be aware of: information

    Assist Worksheet

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