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Advice from other Transfer Students

Strategies for Success

Hardest Time and Biggest Fear



“Get Involved and challenge yourself to make Cal Poly your new home. It is hard at the beginning to figure out where everything is because it takes time. But make the effort early on so you can feel more at home."

“Do not procrastinate! The quarter system is a lot faster and it completely hinders you if you fall behind.”

“Very, Very helpful. If you feel lost or confused about anything, go see Advising.”

“Clubs are a must to join—you get to do things you otherwise wouldn't.”

“Make a good impression with your teachers, don't be afraid to ask questions and above all else, office hours are your friend.”

“Loved living off campus! It helped me to be a member of the SLO community and not just Cal Poly. Loved being off campus but still within walking distance.”

“My advisors really wanted me to succeed and help!”

“WOW is an amazing experience, it opens up networking opportunities and builds lasting friendships, with people you might not meet otherwise.”


Advice from Faculty and Staff that were Transfer Students

Francis Villablanca

Dr. Francis Villablanca

Professor in Biological Sciences & BEACoN Mentor

"Many of us had a very positive transfer experiences. Good experiences come from recognizing you are not alone. Faculty invite you to visit them in office hours and discuss currently available research opportunities. You can also join the BEACoN mentor network and we will facilitate that research connection."

Gina Salazar, Advising

Gina Salazar Academic Advisor

“Always remember that you are not alone in your college journey! Get to know your faculty and staff. They can be great resources as well as mentors! Also, make connections with your peers. These relationships can develop into lifelong friendships!”

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